Hawks Fan Talks Trash Before Getting Humiliated By Streetball Legend Hot Sauce

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

The New Orleans Pelicans fan who snuck onto the court during warmups isn’t the only Southerner to find his way onto an NBA court and make those in attendance crack up.

But this Altanta Hawks fan, unlike the aforementioned comedian, wasn’t going for laughs.

He was trying to lock down Hot Sauce, legendary streetballer of “AND1 Mixtape” fame, during Atlanta’s Monday victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Things didn’t end well for the confident Hawks fan.

This is a new, amazing source of in-game entertainment at Hawks games. Our “defensive end” is far from the first to get utterly embarrassed by Hot Sauce, a.k.a. Philip Champion.

This poor Hawks fan looked equally silly in his doomed attempt just days earlier.

Atlanta is apparently a hotbed for in-game entertainment centered around the athletic humiliation of a team’s own fans.

In 2017, the Atlanta Braves started a promotion for RaceTrac called “Beat the Freeze,” in which a fan and a superhero-looking Braves employee race around the warning track.

Despite gifting his opponents massive leads, the Freeze almost never loses.