High School Football Team Scores 19 Points In The Final Minute, Wins Game

Joe Welkie
football team scored 19 points in the final minute
(Photo: football team scored 19 points in the final minute)

As this high school football game started to wind down, it seemed all but certain that St. Michael-Albertville’s team would win the bout. They were ahead 27-10 with only a precious few ticks of the clock left in the game. Then Maple Grove’s football team scored 19 points in the final minute to complete an amazing come-from-behind victory.

So how did it all go down? Well, Maple Grove completed a 70-yard touchdown drive with a 30-yard touchdown pass from Curtis Haugen to Joe Raymon. That made the score 27-16 with 59 seconds left to play. Then Maple Grove recovered an onside kick.

On the ensuing possession, Haugen threw yet another pass to Raymon for a 49-yard touchdown, making the score 27-22. Then, they recovered yet another onside kick (really?!). Five plays later, they drove the ball to the one-yard line. That allowed running back Evan Hull to run the rock into pay dirt to cap off an amazing victory with four seconds left on the clock. The final score: 29-27, Maple Grove.

Here is video of all the action.

I don’t think we will ever see another victory as dramatic and unbelievable as the one pulled off by Maple Grove here.