Hockey Goalie Fight Ends With a One-Punch Knockout

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

Adam Vay, goaltender of the Quad City Mallards in the ECHL, is also an avid mixed martial artist.

That's information Cincinnati Cyclones netminder Michael Houser probably wishes he had before going toe-to-toe with the 6'5", 209-pound Hungarian prospect of the Minnesota Wild and the son of a Budapest SWAT officer.

The goalies met at center ice to cap off a brawl during their teams' Thursday-night tilt.

Their face-off lasted all of one punch.

Then Vay helped his opponent up off the ice.

The keeper helped incite the melee after Cincinnati's Brandon McNally laid a hard hit on Vay's teammate. The 22-year-old responded by dragging McNally down, which spawned multiple fights.

The incident starts at the 1:10 mark of this video.

"It got a little spirited. I'd think frustration was probably building up and one thing led to another," said Mallards head coach Terry Ruskowski. "Somebody hit our defenseman hard behind the net and Vay just went after him. I don't like the situation but you have to have some sort of spirit or jump and everybody is flat right now."

Cincinnati won 3-2.