Hofstra Misses Free Throw Intentionally Then Nails 3-Point Buzzer-Beater For Shocking Win

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Take a lesson from the Hofstra men’s basketball team: If you’re only going to successfully pull off an improbable but necessary play once as a team, make sure it happens when it counts.

Down by three on Wednesday night, the Pride’s Justin Wright-Foreman was fouled by Monmouth with 5.1 seconds left. He canned the first of two free throws to go down by two. Rather than go down by one and watch Monmouth shoot free throws with almost no time left, Pride head coach Joe Mihalich deployed a play that apparently hadn’t worked for them once in practice—and it involved Wright-Foreman’s missing the second freebie intentionally.

After the on-purpose brick, a guy seriously named Stafford Trueheart tipped the rebound out to Jalen Ray, who drilled his fourth three of the game for an unlikely 85-84 win.

Wright-Foreman and his coach confirmed it’d never worked before, even in practice.

From Newsday:

“It’s funny how those plays you work on that might never happen do happen, but we were able to execute,” Pride coach Joe Mihalich said.

So how many times does it actually work at practice? “Never,” Mihalich said.

“That was the first time,” Wright-Foreman chimed in.

Hofstra improved to 5-3.