Bryce Harper Broke The Rules To Win The HR Derby, But Cubs Fans Are Way Too Salty

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Normally, I’m with Zack Greinke when it comes to the Home Run Derby.

But he and I were wrong this year. The derby was lit.

It was not without controversy, however.

In the final round, Bryce Harper tied the newly lean Kyle Schwarber‘s total on the last swing of his four-minute allotment at the plate. The Nationals slugger, competing in his home stadium, then walked it off in the 30 seconds of bonus time he’d earned by cracking two dingers at least 440 feet in the round.

Fans of Schwarber’s Cubs were displeased.

During a furious rally to catch Schwarber in the final minute of his regulation turn at the dish, Harper and his dad Ron, who was pitching to him, ignored the rule that requires players to wait for a batted ball to land before the ensuing pitch.

Cubs fans reacted like the unjust loss meant Schwarber was doomed to a “Hunger Games”-style execution.

Did the Harpers skirt the rules? Yes.

Is the Home Run Derby a silly game meant to pass time before the All-Star Game? Definitely.

Would Harper have had enough time to top Schwarber if he’d waited the extra split seconds to commence? Considering he won it with 22 seconds on the clock, yes, easily.

Give it a rest, Cubs fans.