Home Run Nails Dude Right in the Balls

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Imgur.)

Note to Draymond Green: Here's a way to inflict your favorite sort of pain in another sport, baseball, without having to bring your foot into contact with another guy's nuts.

The Netherlands stomped Cuba by a score of 14-1 during each team's third game of the World Baseball Classic thanks in part to two homers from outfielder Wladimir Balentien and another two off the bats of outfielder Kalian Sams and first baseman Yurendell de Caster—who played three games with the Pittsburgh Pirates all the way back in 2006 before spending time in the Mexican league and independent ball.

de Caster's shot was particularly painful—not just for Cuba, who saw their deficit get pushed to 7-0, but for the guy on the other end of the first baseman's jack.

The 37-year-old hit a fan right in the balls.

Having trouble seeing it? Here's another angle from the outfield stands, courtesy of Japanese textboard 2channel.

Poor guy got de Caster-ated.

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