Hornets’ Hilarious Off-the-Butt Potential Game-Winner Is Waved Off

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Charlotte Hornets found themselves trailing by one to the Detroit Pistons with a half-second remaining in the teams' Thursday-night matchup.

With Charlotte's Marco Belinelli attempting to inbound from the sideline, Pistons forward Marcus Morris faked that he was going to defend the entry. Instead, the six-year veteran turned and face-guarded potential receivers of Belinelli's pass.

This helped to limit the Italian's options. But he threw a pass anyway—off Morris' butt.

Belinelli threw the pass hard enough that it bounced back to him on the fly, before hoisting up a desperate, high-arcing attempt that grazed the backboard before going in.

Sadly, the glorious game-winner wasn't that at all—it came too late.

"It was a good idea by Marco, but with 0.5 seconds left, you probably don't have time to do anything where more than one person touches the ball," said Hornets coach Steve Clifford, whose team is 1-3 since losing starting center Cody Zeller to a concussion.

Screw the rules, this play is so brazen, ballsy, and funny that it should have counted.

Speaking of balls, the officials' (begrudglingly correct) decision to wave off the game-winner might have deprived us of once again seeing Belinelli's famed tribute to Sam Cassell.

Damn you, refs. Damn you.

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