Streetball Legend Hot Sauce Finally Gets Taken Down At A Hawks Game

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

Thanks to a miserable year of Atlanta Hawks basketball, the highlight of just about every home game occurs not during the 48 minutes the squad is on the floor, but when streetball legend Hot Sauce embarrasses a Hawks fan with a set of Kumho tires on the line.

You know, sorta like the NBA’s version of “the Freeze.” Even ESPN’s Darren Rovell has fallen victim to the ball-handling master.

Anyway, going into Friday night, Mr. Sauce had remained undefeated, which likely gave him the confidence to take on two defenders at once.

His brashness came back to bite him, because the pair of kids stuffed him — and when he didn’t accept the results of his first failure, they stopped him again.

These kids deserve so much more than tires.

Speaking of the Freeze, he lost on Friday night too, making it a rough night for nearly unbeatable Atlanta sports promotions.

Both home teams lost to Philadelphia, 101-91 in the Hawks’ case, and 5-4 in extra innings in the Braves’.