This New Reported Potential LeBron James Destination Would Be So Cruel

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Hours away from Game 3 of the NBA Finals, it’s too early to start talking offseason moves.

Just kidding. This once promising leaky trash bag of a series will be over soon, with the same outcome we’ve been conditioned to expect since well before opening night.

It’s no secret LeBron James can opt out of his contract this offseason; rumors of potential destinations have trickled out all year.

But this is a new potential landing spot, to us at least: the Boston Celtics.

Granted, it came from Stephen A. Smith, so take it with a mine of salt.

“I’m telling you what I know,” Smith said on “First Take” on Wednesday.

“He’s going to have a conversation with Boston.”

He also said LeBron would meet with the Cavs (obviously), Rockets, 76ers, Lakers, Heat, and Warriors; one of Smith’s colleagues reported on that future meeting with Golden State back in February.

But the Celtics? Didn’t Kyrie Irving just threaten knee surgery to get away from LeBron?

And how can the Celtics get LeBron anyway with their cap situation?

The answer to that last question is what makes LeBron’s heading to the Celtics so savage.

The most realistic way for him to land in Boston might just be for him to pull a Chris Paul and opt into the last year of his deal before a trade … with Kyrie Irving going back to Cleveland along with cap filler and draft assets.

There are ways for Boston to land LeBron and keep Irving, of course. But that might be even crueler on the four-time MVP’s part, forcing Irving to once again play with him despite a lot of evidence that the point guard wanted out from under LeBron’s shadow.

And because this is the NBA, I wouldn’t even rule out a long con on LeBron and Kyrie’s part, a plot to play for a team not owned by sleazy Dan Gilbert; with Kyrie then three years from free agency, forcing a trade before LeBron’s departure would have been the easiest way to get both players to the same team in this extremely hypothetical scenario that’d be doing Cleveland fans so dirty.

No matter how you cut it, LeBron going to the Celtics would be cold.