IK Enemkpali Throws Punch at Teammate Exactly One Year After Clocking Geno Smith

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

There’s just something about the date August 11 that makes Buffalo Bills linebacker IK Enemkpali go nuts.

During training camp last year, Enemkpali punched quarterback Geno Smith straight in the jaw, sidelining the young quarterback who ultimately lost his job to Ryan Fitzpatrick. The New York Jets didn’t hesitate to cut IK after the incident, but Rex Ryan didn’t hesitate either in picking him up and bringing him to Buffalo.

But Judgment Day came again on August 11, 2016, exactly one year after the Geno Smith incident.

Obviously no damage was done, unlike last year. These kinds of fights happen all the time in training camp. But they only seem to happen with IK on August 11 for some reason, which isn’t a bad deal if you think about it. I’m sure Bruce Banner would be totally okay with the whole Hulk thing if he were only angry one day a year.

Assuming IK returns to the Bills next season, it would probably be wise to give him the day off when August 11 rolls around again. Maybe put him in an isolation tank and play some Enya. That’s the only way to ensure nobody gets punched.