J.J. Redick: Playing for the Clippers Sucked

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

New Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard J.J. Redick thought he’d play out the rest of his career with the Los Angeles Clippers.

“I don’t think 18 months ago, I don’t think that I was even open to leaving,” Redick told the Undefeated. “I thought I would retire here. The NBA will teach you that things can change very quickly.”

Something did change quickly—all of a sudden, playing for the whiniest team in the NBA was no longer fun.

“It’s sh*tty to say this, but I think I’ve had a loss of joy. I look at our team and how we play, and there’s no joy in it,” Redick said after his team fell to the Utah Jazz in seven games in the first round of the 2017 playoffs. “That bothers me.”

Unrest is nothing new to the Clippers. Chris Paul, who elected to go to the Houston Rockets this summer, reportedly was not cool with alleged favoritism head coach Doc Rivers showed his son, reserve guard Austin Rivers. Former Clippers big man doesn’t have very many nice things to say about Paul or Doc.

Also, Paul and Redick famously used to hate each others’ guts, dating back to their college days. But their relationship was strong enough by the end of their Clippers tenures that Paul was recruiting the marksman to join him in Houston.

“Five days before free agency, I didn’t think Houston was even a possibility,” he said. “Then, the night before free agency started, I’m getting a call from CP [Chris Paul] telling me how much I need to go there.”

Redick ended up signing a one-year, $23 million contract with Philly as a free agent this offseason.