Jacksonville Bakery Trolls Ben Roethlisberger By Sending Him 7 Turnovers

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Ben Roethlisberger committed seven turnovers in two home losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars this season—five in a regular season blowout, and two more in the divisional round of the playoffs.

While Roethlisberger wasn’t one of the many Pittsburgh Steelers publicly overlooking the Jags in anticipation of their postseason meeting, he can probably thank the likes of Le’Veon Bell and Mike Mitchell for the extra derision, and baked goods, coming his way from a bakery in Jacksonville.

Cinotti’s bakery sent the Steelers quarterback seven turnovers (the baked kind) of their own as a thank-you, and posted pictures of the incoming gift on Facebook.

The accompanying Facebook message:

Dear Big Ben…… We wanted to thank you for the amazing season so far. Beating you this year not once BUT twice in the Burgh… well that was amazing! We appreciated the turnovers you gave us over our season so in return we wanted you to get a TASTE of 7 turnovers. So here are our very best Apple, blueberry and Cherry turnovers! Sincerely, the amazing City of Jacksonville or as you know it SACKSONVILLE

The bakery also included a personal note.

“Please enjoy these seven turnovers as a thank you for the seven turnovers you gave us,” it reads. “Sincerely, the city of Jacksonville.”

Unlike his first outing against Jacksonville this year, when Roethlisberger threw five interceptions, he put up impressive numbers on Sunday: 469 passing yards with five touchdowns and two turnovers. But much of that was accrued in garbage time (his final score came with one second on the clock) and one of his turnovers—a fumble with just over two minutes remaining in the first half—was scooped up and returned 50 yards for a touchdown in his team’s 45-42 loss.

But at least he’s getting a tasty treat out of it; Cinotti’s could have been much cruller.