Jaguars Fan Gets Huge Super Bowl Tattoo After Just Barely Beating The Awful Bills

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

One can’t blame Jacksonville Jaguars fans for seeing their team’s just barely pulling out a victory against one of the worst playoff teams we’ve ever seen as a masterful performance—it’d been a decade since the Jags’ last playoff victory, and their last postseason win before that came eight years prior.

Even so, at least one Jacksonville fan got a little carried away following the team’s eye-singeing 10-3 victory over Tyrod Taylor, Nathan Peterman, and the Buffalo Bills.

Confident in the team’s Super Bowl chances, the fan in question got a massive tattoo that reads “LII Champions” around a Jaguars logo.

On Sunday, Jacksonville will do battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the right to play in the AFC Championship Game.

Sunday’s matchup between the Jaguars and the Bills was apparently a contest between the two fan bases most likely to get caught up in the moment and defile their skin for a team soon to let them down.

After his help in getting them to the playoffs, several Bills fans graced their bodies with Andy Dalton.

Thankfully for our Jaguars fan, he left himself an out—if the team falters this year, he can always add another “I” and pray for success next season.