Jaguars Fans Flood Jadeveon Clowney With Trash Cans After Blake Bortles Comment

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Blake Bortles turned down the opportunity to throw an opponent’s ill-timed criticism back in his face, so Jacksonville Jaguars fans did it for him—they’re mailing trash cans to Jadeveon Clowney.

In response to Clowney’s calling Bortles “trash” after his Houston Texans got dismantled 45-7 by the Jags in Week 15 (and 29-7 in Week 1), the helmer of the 10-4 team’s offense offered a sterile retort.

But fans of the Jaguars, whose last winning season came a decade ago, have been downtrodden too long to match the indifference of their quarterback’s response.

They spent hard-earned money to remind Clowney that he lost 74-14 on aggregate to a quarterback he deems “trash,” mailing trash cans to the Texans’ NRG Stadium, addressed to the defensive end.

Okay, 50 bucks is a little much, but whatever it takes to unleash 10 years of agony, I guess.

As for Clowney, he really doesn’t want to think about Jacksonville anymore.

“I’m done with the Jaguars. Don’t ask me no Jaguars questions,” Clowney told reporters on Thursday. “Any more questions?”

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