Jamal Murray Drops Steven Adams With Ankle-Breaker Of The Year


(Photo: Getty Images)

Steven Adams is used to being bludgeoned on the hardwood. He’s been on the receiving end of so many low blows that last week he finally doled out one of his own.

But in a Thursday-night game against the Denver Nuggets, Jamal Murray legally victimized Adams by going after a much lower body part: the Oklahoma City Thunder center’s ankles.

The 20-year-old took them, and he’s never giving them back.

Here’s another angle.

And another.

His squad’s bench lost it.

Somehow, the game just got better from there. The Thunder stormed back from down 20 to tie the game up with 1.3 seconds remaining on a Paul George three.

But the Nuggets wouldn’t be denied, as Murray kept the team afloat until Nikola Jokic and Gary Harris connected (with some help from a napping Russell Westbrook) for a game-winner.

Even icier than the shot: the fact the he hit it while wearing PG’s shoes.

“They played really good defense. They didn’t let the guy go on the top,” Jokic said of the final play. “And I think Russell fell asleep, and let Gary slide to the spot, knock down the 3. That’s probably one of the best assists of my life.”

Anyone who doesn’t think this is the best league in the world is crazy.