The Best Thing James Harden Did In Game 2 Was Smack This Whiny Baby’s Phone

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

James Harden couldn’t save the Rockets from defeat in Game 2 against the Jazz.

But he’s still a hero in my book.

Not for the 32 points and 11 assists he posted during the Western Conference semifinals defeat. But for putting just the worst kind of fan in his place.

Phone draws foul on Harden

Turn the volume up if you want to hear an adult male unwittingly do an impression of your snot-nosed nephews whining in the back seat.

King Joffrey without the threat of violence apparently wasn’t done, either.

It seems the same guy went after Harden again as the Rockets went to the locker room at halftime.

A third video reveals the perpetrator looks exactly as one might expect: like someone who’s spent the last 40 years plotting revenge for being picked last in kickball, from the basement of a roommate who gave birth to him.

Nice work, James.

It’s just a shame you didn’t smack the phone with the same aplomb Rodney Hood utilized earlier this season.