James Harden Utterly Demolishes Some Poor Kid at Basketball Camp


(Photo: Getty)

It's not a secret James Harden cares little about wasting precious energy on what coaches tell him is called "defense."

But when it comes to absolutely roasting dudes on the floor with the ball in his hands? That's something the Houston Rockets star can sign up for. And if said dudes are in fact children that have zero chance of sticking with a four-time NBA All-Star who finished second in MVP voting in 2015? All the better.

In fact, that sort of stuff is what gets the Beard all jacked up.

Just watch what he did to this poor, unsuspecting kid at Harden's basketball camp over the weekend.

This guy definitely learned to play defense from James Harden. He has all the telltale signs—watching the ball and not his man's chest, keeping his arms firmly at his sides and not out wide to actually deter his man from going around him, and stopping to watch when he realizes it's too late.

The one critique I'd expect Harden to give him: Kid's still working too hard. Look at those feet chopping. Doesn't he know how much more energy he could have for offense if he'd only stand still instead?

But best of all, our victim took it in stride, enjoying the moment (nearly) as much as Harden.

Who probably felt the need to bust some kids after youngsters did the same to him three years ago.