James Harden’s Ankle-Breaker Drops Wesley Johnson And The Internet Loses Its Mind

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

James Harden added yet another pair of ankles to the collection I’m assuming is mounted on a massive wall in his bedroom: those of Los Angeles Clippers forward Wesley Johnson.

While leading his Houston Rockets to a 34-point first quarter, Harden’s crossover sent Johnson helplessly skidding to the deck before the Rockets guard glared at his former defender and cashed a three-pointer.

That was the ESPN call. The call from the Rockets broadcast was roughly 37 bazillion times better: “Cleanup on aisle three!”

The internet, as it’s wont to do, lost its beard-loving mind.

And you know Johnson’s Wikipedia edits were all over the place

Harden cooled off after a dominant 17-point first quarter, finishing with 25 in Houston’s 105-92 victory. Asked after the win about the play you’ll be seeing until basketball no longer exists, he had to laugh.