James Harrison Rips NFL Over Third ‘Random’ Drug Test in Just Over 3 Months

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison isn’t buying that the NFL drug tests its players at random.

He made as much clear on Wednesday with a pair of Instagram posts, one of which documented his third drug test in just over three months, dating back to March 29.

The second post suggested that the NFL’s policy of random drug testing isn’t random at all.



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Harrison’s teammate Chris Boswell lodged a similar complaint when he was drug tested following a game in which he kicked a perfect 6-of-6 on field goals, five of which went for more than 40 yards.

Leaguewide drug testing is supposed to be handled by an independent administrator that uses a computer program to randomly select up to 10 players for tests every week.

According to ESPN, “Only players under the ‘reasonable cause’ list—such as flunking a drug test in college, for example—get targeted.”

The 39-year-old Harrison, despite his rather intense workouts and general immensity, has famously never failed a drug test, in defiance of the unusually high number of tests to which he’s been subjected.

This isn’t even close to the first time he’s railed against NFL drug testing, questioning its randomness.

“I mean it’s random, right? It’s supposed to be random, so it’s random, right?” Harrison, who’s never been shy about criticizing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, said in December.

“I just wish I had that much luck with the lottery. That’s all.”

Then he added, sarcastically: “I’m starting to think it’s not as random.”

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