Pirates Starter Bravely Willing To Drench Hand In Teammates’ Pee, Because Baseball

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Jameson Taillon’s last outing pissed him off.

To make his next start, the Pirates starter is willing to be pissed on.

A gash developed on Taillon’s finger on Friday against the Giants. He had to be pulled after three shutout innings.

Jameson Taillon is eager for relief

“If it helps, I’ll put a sign-up sheet and everyone can come and pee (on my hand),” he told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Sunday. “I don’t care. I just want it to go away.”

Bad aim at the urinal is sorta a traditional baseball remedy for blisters. Moises “Moist Hands” Alou and Jorge “Piss On Ya” Posada are among many infamous digit drenchers.

“Julian Tavarez was notorious for that,” said Tribune-Review writer Joe Rutter. “In his one spring training with the Pirates, you would see him duck behind the wall at McKechnie (Field) so he could soak his hand.”

On Monday, Taillon clarified that his comments were made in jest.

Or were they?

Taillon is scheduled to take on the White Sox on Wednesday. Too bad it’s a home game, because there’s one Chicago native who’d probably have no problem helping the man out.