Jason Pierre-Paul Made a Fireworks PSA Video Showing off His Hand


(Photo: YouTube)

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has already said he’s staying the hell away from fireworks on the Fourth of July. He’s clearly learned his lesson since last year’s incident, which left him on the sideline for much of last season.

JPP is using his newfound wisdom to educate folks about the dangers of fireworks. He teamed up with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to create a powerful PSA that will hopefully keep people from making the same mistake he did.

Not to take anything away from Pierre-Paul, what he’s doing is quite noble, but I love the hashtag #FireworksHurt. It’s hilariously straightforward, but also sad that a government agency needs to make a hashtag for something that should be completely obvious to anyone with a human brain.

But never underestimate the stupidity of people with explosives.

The two-time Pro Bowler now sports a club on his hand during games and practices, which hasn’t seemed to slow him down. Expect JPP’s “glove technology” to get even better in the coming seasons.