The JaVale McGee–Shaq Beef Is Boiling Hot Right Now

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter.)

Shaquille O'Neal may be the host and purveyor of Shaqtin' a Fool, but Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee is its brightest star.

No, seriously—in addition to being the only two-time Shaqtin' MVP ever and earning a lifetime achievement award in the segment's first ever award show back in 2014, JaVale is the only "star" of the show who's not one of Shaq's partners at TNT or NBA TV, according to Shaqtin's Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia / Screenshot.

Back in October, McGee expressed his displeasure over his prominence in Shaq's bit.

“Fans think it’s real, like that’s real life and they think I’m a dumb person,” McGee told the Mercury News. “It’s just really disappointing that grown men, 50, 40 year olds are having America’s funniest home videos of a player. And then making it a hashtag and really just trying to ruin someone’s career over basketball mistakes.”

Then, on Thursday night, this happened.

While the Doctor Strange parody is (and should be) universally beloved, there's at least one obvious holdout.

It was on from there.

That got heated real quick.

For what it's worth, before the Doctor Strange video was dropped, Shaq promised not to feature JaVale on Shatqtin' for the rest of the year—so long as he didn't mess up in the next two weeks.

McGee is shooting a ridiculous 67.3 percent from the field in 9.6 minutes per game off the bench for Golden State, averaging 6.1 points, three rebounds, and 0.7 blocks.

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