What The Hell Was Javier Baez Thinking On This Play?

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Not only does Javier Baez possess the range, hands, and arm to be one of baseball best defensive players, he has the smarts to elevate him to deity status.

But it appears Baez’s guile got him in trouble on Monday.

That, or the Cubs second baseman showed uncharacteristic indifference after this errant pickoff attempt by Kyle Hendricks to allow speed demon Alen Hanson to score.

The run mattered: The Giants wound up winning 2-1 in extra innings.

Due to Baez’s supremacy with the leather, I kinda believe he intentionally lollygagged over to the ball in an attempt to bait Hanson into running on him.

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for this Cubs squad.

Center fielder Albert Amora Jr. tried to pull the same move on speedster Billy Hamilton just a day earlier.

He got the same result.

I get it, Cubs. Throwing dudes out is fun. And when you have a laser like Baez’s, you don’t get as many opportunities to flash it; no one wants to end up like Zack Cozart.

But maybe save your trickery for, oh, I dunno, not two of the fastest baseball players alive?