Dolphins Head Coach: Jay Cutler Was Supposed To Look Like He Didn’t Care During Wildcat Play

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The internet had itself a good laugh at the expense of Jay Cutler on Sunday, when the Miami Dolphins quarterback showed Londoners that he appears to care about football about as much as 90 percent of them.

During a play in which the Dolphins ran a wildcat formation, the quarterback found himself on the outside, where a wide receiver normally finds himself.

Cutler didn’t even bother to pretend like he might be involved in the play, hands on his hips and missing the cigarette necessary to complete his monument to apathy.

But head coach Adam Gase told reporters on Wednesday that his quarterback was supposed to look like he did not give a crap.

“Yes. As soon as he steps forward, they can knock the … I won’t say it, but they can hit him,” Gase said. “If he steps back or doesn’t move, now you’re looking at different kinds of penalties. Until you go through it, where a quarterback steps off the ball and starts working downfield and you watch one of them get blasted.”

Keep in mind, it was likely Gase’s decision to sign Cutler to replace the injured Ryan Tannehill before the season, even though the perfectly fine (and almost definitely better than Cutler) Matt Moore already resided on the Miami roster. Gase was the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator in 2015, when Cutler put up arguably the best numbers of his career.

So it makes sense that he’d defend the team’s decision to flush $10 million down the drain that funnels into the pockets of Cutler’s too-long sloppy-guy sweatpants.

“That’s what they told me to do: Sit there, don’t get hit, don’t touch anybody, don’t move,” Cutler said of the play. “I feel like I executed that one.”

In fact, Cutler has gone a step further, executing those orders on almost every play this season.

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