New Dolphins QB Jay Cutler: I Don’t Have To Be In Great Shape Because I Play Quarterback


(Photo: Getty Images)

Though he once appeared destined to spend the 2017 NFL season behind a broadcast microphone, Jay Cutler will collect at least one more year’s worth of checks to play quarterback then watch from the sidelines as someone else plays quarterback after he’s injured. The Miami Dolphins signed the 11-year veteran to a one-year, $10 million contract in the wake of what’s likely a season-ending injury to starter Ryan Tannehill.

During a press conference announcing the signing, Cutler said he didn’t need to be in fantastic shape thanks to his position, (hopefully) jokingly.

“The good thing is I play quarterback so I don’t really have to be that good of cardiovascular shape,” Cutler said with a smile. “But I’ll be fine. [Head coach Adam Gase] knows kind of what I’ve been up to, so we’ll figure it out along the way.”

Before signing his new contract, Cutler agreed to become an on-camera analyst for Fox Sports. The Dolphins also looked at signing Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton before the former Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears QB came aboard.

“I’ve got two boys, so we’re always doing something,” Cutler responded to a question about his level of football activity this offseason. “You know, and I’ll go down to [Vanderbilt University], do some stuff down there. I was playing basketball in the mornings, and there’s football camps there. You know, you’re around it. … It’ll come back pretty quickly, I’m not worried about my arm, the throwing part.”

You know who’s in shape and is probably actually preparing to play football next season? Colin Kaepernick.