Jay Williams Accidentally Draws 2 Stick Figures Boning on Live TV

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter.)

At this time of year back in 2002, Jay Williams was leading his Duke Blue Devils through the NCAA tournament as the AP Player of the Year on a No. 1-seeded team.

They'd make it to the Sweet 16 before falling to No. 5 Indiana, who ended up making a stunning run to the national championship game, where they fell to Maryland.

Fifteen years later, Williams, now a college basketball analyst for ESPN after a motorcycle accident ended his NBA career, is still making his mark on March Madness—with a marker and an NSFW image involving some lewd stick figures.

During around of March Madness Pictionary on ESPN during a live broadcast on Tuesday, Williams came up with this gem.

Thankfully Kara Lawson bit her tongue instead of shouting a description of the image before Jay dutifully wiped his dirty drawing away.

Perhaps even funnier than Williams' "What have I done?!" reaction is what he was trying to draw: This was what he came up with when trying to draw "Duke Blue Devils."


More specifically, it's supposed to be Duke brat Grayson Allen tripping a guy, something he appears to enjoy.

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