Jaylen Brown Dunks Too Hard And Horrifically Lands Headfirst

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

About 65 and a half games after a hard-to-watch injury cast a pall over the Boston Celtics’ season, Jaylen Brown suffered his own terrifying fall while dunking during his squad’s 117-109 victory over the the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday night.

Just before the fourth quarter, the sophomore wing gobbled up a rebound and beat everyone down the floor to the offensive end, throwing down a dunk so zealously that he went into “full backflip mode,” according to Kyrie Irving, landing on his head and upper back.

Teammates, opponents, and onlookers were visibly shook.

After an apparent fencing episode, reminiscent of what happened to Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage in 2017, Brown managed to return to his feet and walk off the court.

Brown received a CT scan and made his way back to Boston with the team following the win.

Five minutes into the NBA season, newly signed Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome leg injury on an alley-oop attempt. Much like Gordon, Brown received an outpouring of support from around the NBA.

Brown was apparently well enough to tweet out a thankful acknowledgment of the well-wishes.