‘Jeopardy!’ Savagely Trolls Kevin Durant Hours Before Warriors Win NBA Championship


(Photo: Getty Images)

The last time the Golden State Warriors got trolled on game show Jeopardy! it was for the team’s failures the season before they added Kevin Durant.

But hours before the squad took their NBA Finals revenge on the Cleveland Cavaliers—and Durant took his own revenge on LeBron James—they were once again mocked on the Alex Trebek-hosted game show, not at the hands of a contestant, as was the case five months ago, but at those of Jeopardy! itself.

When contestant Tucker Dunn, an E.S.L. teacher from Tucson, Arizona, selected the category “Sporting Life” for $600, he and his competitors were given a clue about a certain Warrior who lost to Golden State in heartbreaking fashion last year.

“After a loss to the Warriors in the 2016 Western Finals, this Thunder stud didn’t beat ’em, he joined ’em,” Trebek said. 

My man Tucker knew what was up, and went on to collect $23,601 in his first win.