Jerk Blue Jays Fan Throws Full Beer Can at Orioles Outfielder Trying to Catch Fly Ball

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Toronto Blue Jays have finished in the top five in home runs in the American League for the last eight seasons.

So it's no surprise they rode a pair of home runs from two of their burly, dong-mashing All-Stars to victory over the Baltimore Orioles in the teams' do-or-die wild card matchup on Tuesday night.

Outfielder Jose Bautista got the scoring started with a solo blast off Chris Tillman in the second.

Then with things knotted up at two in the 11th inning, first baseman Edwin Encarnacion crushed a three-run, 440-foot walk-off blast to send his team to the postseason's divisional round.

But between those dingers, Blue Jays fans proved once again that they don't deserve their team's success. Last year, after a questionable call during the ALDS, Toronto fans rained garbage on the playing field. In the same month, a Blue Jays fan threw beer at a baby. Three years ago, one threw a beer at an opposing player. A year before that, a Toronto fan struck umpire Bill Miller with a beer.

Blue Jays supporters lived down to their reputation on Tuesday night, as a fan threw a full beer can at Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim while he was catching a fly ball near the outfield fence in the seventh inning.

Here's another angle.

“That is about as pathetic as it gets," said center fielder Adam Jones, who quickly rushed to admonish Blue Jays fans after play. "You don’t do that. Yell, cuss or scream. I hope they find the guy and press charges. … That’s not a part of baseball. Throw an octopus, throw hats.”

“Something like that should never happen. It’s the first time for me and hopefully the last,” said Kim, through an interpreter.

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