Jets Fan Wears Shirt Saying He Stands For The National Anthem, Gets Caught Sitting On The Flag

Joe Welkie
Jets Fan
(Photo: Jets Fan)

A New York Jets fan took a very controversial topic and completely botched his execution. During Sunday’s New England Patriots–New York Jets game, one particular fan wanted to let his stance on the issue be known.

If you look closely, the back of his shirt says “I stand for the national anthem” which, whatever. He is allowed to have his opinion. But why in the hell is this dude disrespecting the flag by plopping his ass on it?

Jets Fan

Insanely enough, this isn’t the most baffling and horrifying thing about the picture. Look at his beer. This dude is drinking beer with a straw. Can we even take anything he says or does seriously at all? Is he trolling us all? The world doesn’t make sense anymore.

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