Jimmy Butler Is Looking to Form an Elite Backcourt With Kyrie Irving


(Photo: Getty Images)

The NBA trade deadline is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls definitely don't have the assets required to bring Jimmy Butler his dream teammate: Kyrie Irving.

"One guy?" Butler responded on First Take when asked to pick one player he'd like to join forces with on an NBA roster. "I'd probably have to go with my favorite player who's not myself, and that's Kyrie. I just love Kyrie's game, man, and he's a really good dude. I like Kyrie."

Why Kyrie? Well, for one thing, Butler and the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard complement each other rather seamlessly, each covering for the other's shortcomings—Butler for Kyrie's defense, Kyrie's shooting for Butler's inconsistency from outside—while combining for a neverending flurry of buckets and creation for others.

Then again, Butler probably just picked Irving because of the bond they share over Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles," which the world learned of during a tune-up trip for Team USA prior to the Rio Olympics.

I will never not laugh at Carmelo Anthony's reaction to this.