Jimmy Butler Challenged Lou Williams To A Game Of 1-On-1 For $100,000

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Let’s all wish Jimmy Butler a speedy recovery from the right meniscus injury he suffered on Friday. Not just for his sake, and the sake of his Minnesota Timberwolves teammates and their fans. 

But for all basketball fans who want to see him play Lou Williams in a game of one-on-one for $100,000.

Before he suffered the injury during his team’s 120-102 loss to the Houston Rockets, Butler issued a challenge to Williams, the Los Angeles Clippers guard who called Butler out for dressing but sitting out for rest in the All-Star Game instead of stepping aside for another player to suit up and get on the floor.

ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth reported before tipoff on Friday:

He told me “Look. I’m the one who has to guard James Harden for 40 minutes. And I know the fans are upset, but they need to understand it’s a long grind of the season. And I’m not trying to cut my minutes, but when I have the opportunity to take a break, I will.”

And when I asked him his reaction to Lou Williams…Jimmy told me, “My thing is this. To Lou and whoever else thinks they’re an All-Star. With all due respect, LeBron and them got $100,000 for winning. So if you got $100k to put up, and we play one another—you guard me, I guard you—I’m gonna show you why. All this talk? Put $100,000 up and I’ll show you why, and where I’m at.”

Get well soon, Jimmy. This needs to happen.