J.J. Watt Is Dunking Basketballs While Recovering from Hernia Surgery


(Photo: Getty)

Every athletic trainer knows there is no better way to recover from offseason sports hernia surgery than by dunking a basketball.

Okay, not really. But that’s what J.J. Watt is doing, just weeks after undergoing surgery.

Because he’s 26 years old and can recover like Wolverine, Watt was cleared to begin training two days ago. But his training doesn’t consist of just tire rolling and Chris Farley impressions. It also involves basketball.

Watt posted a video of himself throwing down on Thursday morning like he’s been balling his entire life.

J.J. was clearly inspired by the dunk contest two weekends ago. But he probably shouldn’t take on anyone who actually knows how to play basketball.

That was former Wisconsin forward Sam Dekker, a D-League player for the Houston Rockets. He has two inches on Watt, but weighs about 60 pounds less. It would certainly be an interesting battle.