Joe Kelly, Luis Perdomo Had Hilariously Different Reactions To Brawl-Inciting Mound Charges

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

Fear not, those worried baseball’s getting too chummy. Yesterday’s slate of games featured four teams with at least a handful of members looking to rip the heads off their opponents.

Just don’t count San Diego Padres pitcher Luis Perdomo among those thirsty for blood — at least not if he had to draw it out with physical contact.

Likely in response to teammate Manny Margot’s being put on the disabled list by a hit-by-pitch in their meeting a day prior, Perdomo fired a fastball that whizzed behind the back of Colorado Rockies slugger Nolan Arenado.

But the rest of Perdomo’s body apparently couldn’t cash the check his right arm had written — as Arenado charged, Perdomo hilariously threw his glove at his opponent and fled.

Here’s a few more angles, in slow motion.


Perdomo was one of five players ejected from the game. Hopefully he used his night off to absorb the New York Yankees—Boston Red Sox tilt and take notes from Sox reliever Joe Kelly, who had the right response to being charged by a player he definitely meant to hit.

That’s the stuff.