Joe Rogan Reveals Planned Foe for Conor McGregor at UFC 205


(Photo: Getty Images)

Conor McGregor appears to be one step closer to becoming the third MMA fighter in history to hold belts in two UFC weight divisions.

Though he did his best to contain it, UFC commentator Joe Rogan all but revealed on his podcast that McGregor is slated to fight Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight belt at UFC 205 in November.

“I know a little something that I wish I could tell,” said Rogan, talking to former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

“It’s an interesting fight. If it happens … allegedly at Madison Square Garden … allegedly in a couple of months. Maybe it’s going to happen, I don’t know …

“But if it does happen, Eddie is a big boy. He can grapple. He’s a f***ing grinder and whatever endurance issues Conor may have, he better iron those f***ers out before you go to town with that guy.”

The current featherweight champ, if McGregor is able to win his third bout above that weight class in the UFC he'll join Randy Couture and BJ Penn as the only fighters ever to hold two world championships in the promotion.

He was originally slated to face lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196 for his first fight in the weight class. After an injury forced dos Anjos from the bout, Nate Diaz subbed in and the pair fought at welterweight, with Diaz defeating McGregor via second-round submission

McGregor's vengeance of that loss at UFC 202 had many pundits thinking trilogy, though president Dana White incidated he'd prefer that McGregor return to the featherweight division to defend his title.

"Conor has to defend his title or make a decision to give it up or whatever he wants to do," White said. "I don't know. I've got to sit down and see what's next. If I was Conor, I'd defend my title."

McGregor and Schaub, though, think it'd be difficult for the Irishman to fight at his previous weight after putting on mass to fight Diaz in the 170-pound division.

“I don’t think he can make 145 any more,” Rogan said.

“Me neither,” Schaub agreed. “His camp says he can't either.”

Which might explain the apparent change of plans and fight against Alvarez, who took the belt from dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night 90. After his UFC 202 victory McGregor said that if he were to fight Diaz again, it would be at 155 pounds, furthering the notion that he'll fight at lightweight from here on out.

"All I know is that it's 1-1," McGregor said. "I came up to 170 to test the bigger man, face adversity. I want the trilogy, but it's on my terms. Come back to 155. Let's do it."

UFC 205 will be the promotion's debut in New York City, taking place at Madison Square Garden on November 12.