Joel Embiid Sends Russell Westbrook Flying With Massive Dunk

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

For the second straight matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid had a huge night both production-wise and in trash talking. And for the second straight matchup between the teams, Russell Westbrook ended the game by throwing Embiid’s antics back in his face in victory.

Midway through the opening period, a Westbrook attempt at drawing a charge on Embiid went all kinds of wrong, resulting in the Thunder point guard’s ricocheting off the Process as the Sixers big man nearly ripped the rim clean off.

As he headed up the floor, Embiid hit Westbrook again, this time metaphorically, with a mean staredown.

Westbrook would get his revenge, however, dropping 37 points and dishing 14 assists to just one turnover in a 122-112 victory. Embiid scored 27 to go with 10 boards and two blocks.

As he dribbled out the clock on his squad’s eighth consecutive victory, Westbrook’s eyes found Embiid on the sideline, and they remained on him for an awkwardly long time.

In the teams’ last meeting, Embiid waved goodbye to Steven Adams after the Thunder center had fouled out.

That contest, after three overtimes, also resulted in an Oklahoma City win, and Westbrook made sure to wave goodbye to the 76ers big man and noted Rihanna rejecter.

Which is why Westbrook had Sunday’s game marked on his calendar.

“Leading into this game, after a little talk after game one, I think to this game, I kind of was looking forward to it,” Westbrook said, according to ESPN. “But you know—Oklahoma City 2-0.”