Joel Embiid Throws Shade At LaVar Ball After Historically Dominant Performance Against Lakers


(Photo: Getty Images)

I’m beginning to suspect Joel Embiid enjoys playing in Los Angeles.

Two nights after he shredded their Staples Center roommates, the Los Angeles Lakers got torched by the Philadelphia 76ers big man thanks to a somehow more dominant performance.

It was historically great:

(Important to note: The NBA started recording blocks in 1973-74, so one has to imagine Wilt Chamberlain would have a handful of these games otherwise.)

An equal-opportunity abuser, Embiid made sure to treat every single one of the Lakers big men to an up-close view of his wonder.

Sorry, Brook Lopez.

Nice try, Andrew Bogut.

Too small, Julius Randle.

He also showed off some slick passing en route to a career high in assists.

“Just being aggressive, I did the same thing against the Clippers,” Embiid said of his performance after leading the team to a 115-109 victory. “Tonight I just wanted to come out and get down low and be a beast down there.”

Mission accomplished.

When Embiid finally got back to his phone, he had some shade for one of his many social media sparring partners: LaVar Ball.

LaVar’s son, Lonzo Ball, had an(other) awful performance: two points on 1-0f-9 shooting, and as many turnovers as assists (two).

Embiid once threw shade at Hassan Whiteside by changing his Instagram location to Whiteside, Scotland.

He pulled a similar move on LaVar on Wednesday night, accompanied by a picture of his scoring on a bailing Lonzo.