Joel Embiid Trolled Draymond Green And The Warriors Hard After Blowing A 24-Point Lead


(Photo: Getty Images)

Two of the more accomplished mouths (and tweeting thumbs) clashed on the hardwood on Saturday when Joel Embiid and his Philadelphia 76ers hosted Draymond Green’s Golden State Warriors.

A day later, predictably, Embiid trolled Draymond on social media.

On Saturday, it didn’t talk long for the trash-talking talents to exchange words, particularly after the upstart 76ers’ lead ballooned to as big as 24 points.

If Draymond was telling Embiid to check the score a little later, his smack talk not only led to a missed free throw from the center, but was prophetic—the Warriors stormed back for a 124-116 victory.

After the win, the Warriors big man gave the young center high praise for his mouth work.

“Guys don’t play and talk no more, so somebody who loves that and embraces that, I enjoy it,” Green said. “So it’s been refreshing to me to see somebody like that.”

Draymond even got after it with Philly fans.

Draymond was right: Even in defeat, Embiid wasn’t done talking trash.

The next day, Embiid trolled Draymond by responding with a tweet that on the surface looks benign, but is anything but when considering the Philly big man’s never-ending viciousness on Twitter, and the fact that no one will ever let the Warriors live down their blowing a 3-1 series lead in the 2016 NBA Finals.


Unfortunately, these two won’t play again until next season—unless both make the NBA Finals.