The Bears’ John Fox Commits The Worst Successful Challenge Of All Time

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Two weeks ago, we thought we’d seen the most embarrassing NFL coach’s challenge ever. The Chicago Bears‘ John Fox responded by requesting that you kindly mind his beverage.

His team lost by a touchdown to the Green Bay Packers, and his work with the red flag certainly didn’t help.

After a Benny Cunningham run set the Bears up just outside the end zone, Fox challenged that the running back had stepped out of bounds before knocking over the pylon.

While he’d hoped for a touchdown (and could have had the ball one yard from the end zone without challenging), Fox instead successfully challenged himself into a turnover.

Upon review, the officials determined that Cunningham had lost control of the ball before it hit the pylon, resulting in a touchback; Packers ball on their 20-yard line.

Not a good look for Fox, who’s now 12-29 at the helm of the Bears.

The coach’s young Bears fell 23-16.