Johnny Manziel Announces Sobriety, Gets Suspended 4 Games by NFL the Same Day

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel apparently has a plan to start making changes in his life.

But not until Friday, according to Gavin Evans of Complex. Manziel is in Cabo partying hard until that date comes.

He has a date picked out and everything. On July 1—as in, this Friday—Manziel apparently plans on turning his life around so that he can start "training like crazy" in preparation for an NFL comeback.

It’s like making New Year's resolutions on December 21. You can cheat as much as you want for 10 days and then you last about a week once that date finally hits.

Looks like he’s having a good time.

The #HiDad was a nice touch. Especially when considering what his father said recently.

But I guess there really is hope that Johnny Football will turn things around (via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN).

“I do believe he's serious,” the source told ESPN. “He's talked for a while about knuckling down, getting ready and working out. It's more about health and having options and feeling good. If that works out for this season, great. But if not, that's OK too.”

Unfortunately for Johnny, he’ll have to wait a few games if he does happen to sign somewhere this offseason.

Well, that’s one way to kill motivation.

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