Jon Lester Is Officially the Worst Hitter Ever

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester went into Wednesday night's start against the Washington Nationals with a record for futility at the plate on the line.

Lester stepped in for his first plate appearance one out away from breaking a tie with fellow pitcher Joey Hamilton with 57 hitless at-bats to start a career (Hamilton collected his first hit in 1995 for the San Diego Padres).

If not for Nats center fielder Denard Span, the Cubs' $155 million pitcher might have secured his spot as only the second-worst hitter ever.

But unfortunately for Lester, Span definitely exists.

Lester would be put down in his second and final at-bat to extend the record to 59.

The second-inning "shot" was only Lester's second deep fly for an out ever.



Considering he can't field his position in addition to the inability with the stick, it's safe to say Lester is a great pitcher and not a great baseball player.


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