Jordan Clarkson Explains The Difference Between LeBron James And Kobe Bryant As Leaders

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Jordan Clarkson took to his new role as one of LeBron James’ many sidekicks like a golden retriever to another dog’s butt, going so far as to inspire the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar to join him in a new three-point celebration in their first game together.

Would that have flown with the last franchise-defining star Clarkson shared a bench with, Kobe Bryant? I’m gonna guess no.

On Monday, Clarkson explained to radio show “CavsHQ” the differences in LeBron’s and Kobe’s leadership styles.

Surprise, surprise, Kobe was kinda a dick in practice.

“Two different styles of leadership,” Clarkson said. “LeBron, very encouraging, bringing everybody along, and Kobe, he’s testing you, seeing what you gonna give him. If he’s gonna get at you, he’s gonna scream at you, he’s gonna cuss, he’s gonna do whatever it is. He had his own way of leading guys as well. It’s two different sides. I’m just blessed to see both of them.”

But, Clarkson added, Kobe and LeBron have at least one thing in common: Ultimately, they just want to get the most out of their teammates.

“During my rookie year, Kob was always on me,” he said. “Get in the gym early with him, getting shots and stuff like that. When we got on the court, he was not as vocal as LeBron is in terms of being with everybody and encouraging and stuff. Kob had his own way of encouraging guys. But it was something similar.”

Since getting sent to Cleveland from the Los Angeles Lakers, Clarkson has been scorchingly efficient. With defenses less focused on him, he’s shooting 40.7 percent from three and 60.5 percent from two for 14.2 points per game in just 21.3 minutes, albeit in only six games.