Josh Hader Had A Terrible Reaction To Hateful Tweets Exposed During All-Star Game

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Josh Hader’s night started out great.

But it got not so great, fast.

The 24-year-old Brewers reliever made his All-Star Game debut at Nationals Park, and had reporter Jon Heyman fawning over him.

Then came his performance.

Hader entered a tie game in the the top of the eighth. He left having recorded one out, surrendering four hits and three runs.

And that wasn’t even close to the lowest point of his night.

During the game, he had some awful, old tweets exposed. They ran the gamut of hate.

After his National League side lost 8-6 in 10 innings, Hader was naturally a focus of reporters in the locker room.

The Brewers lefty issued the typical “I was immature” response, which is obviously true.

But when asked what’d changed in his beliefs between the tweets he sent out as a 17-year-old and now, he said “nothing.”

Then he admitted that what he tweeted was on his mind as a teenager.


Not “I didn’t understand what I was saying,” or “I’ve learned a lot since then.” But straight up, This is how I felt, but now that I’m older I know not to broadcast those feelings.

At least he found someone with apparently similar views to be with in hateful bliss, I guess.