UCLA QB Josh Rosen Considering Staying In School To Avoid Getting Drafted By The Browns

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen hasn’t yet decided whether he’d like to become a millionaire overnight in April. Because apparently, all that money might not be worth it if it means playing for the Cleveland Browns.

Rosen is projected by many, such as ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay and SB Nation’s Dan Kadar, to be the first quarterback selected in the upcoming NFL draft. That’s in one way a bummer for Rosen, because Cleveland locked up the No. 1 overall pick on Sunday and doesn’t seem too enthused about rookie DeShone Kizer.

Instead, like Eli Manning before him, Rosen would rather play for the New York Giants, who are on the lookout for Manning’s replacement.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

… Josh Rosen would prefer to play for the Giants over the Browns and would be hesitant to declare for next year’s NFL draft if he knew that Cleveland was going to take him with the No. 1 overall pick, according to league sources familiar with the situation. …

Privately, Rosen has expressed concern about winding up in Cleveland and would rather be with a more stable franchise, such as the Giants.

Rosen plans to sit down with his parents after Tuesday’s Cactus Bowl for a “serious conversation” before making a final decision about whether to turn pro, he said Saturday. Whether Cleveland has the No. 1 overall pick could influence his decision, according to a source.

In November, USC quarterback Sam Darnold had to deny similar reports about his feelings on the Browns.

“I didn’t say anything about the Browns,” Darnold said after a practice. “I’ve never said anything bad about (an NFL) team. They know I would never say anything.”

Rosen wouldn’t be the first player to hope to avoid a team that’s won just one game in two calendar years.

If the Browns want good players to want to play in Cleveland, maybe they should end their quest to screw up in every way imaginable.