Warriors Fans Expertly Trolled J.R. Smith During Game 2

Bryan Brandom
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One game after his epic blunder that will live on in infamy, a stadium full of basketball fans let J.R. Smith know they appreciate him.

They just weren’t fans of his Cleveland Cavaliers.

When his name was announced in the starting lineup ahead of Game 2 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena, Golden State Warriors fans responded by treating their Game 1 savior to loud cheers and a standing ovation.

And their ribbing didn’t end there.

Five and a half minutes into the game, fans treated him to MVP chants while he was at the free-throw line.

After the shooting guard missed the free-throw, Kevin Love scooped up the offensive rebound. The possession then ended with a bricked layup from Smith.

Once the final buzzer sounded on the Dubs’ 122-103 victory, Smith insisted the taunts didn’t bother him; he said he likes getting heckled.

Meaning he was once again just terrible (2-of-9 shooting for five points) for normal J.R. Smith reasons.