How Juan Soto Hit A Home Run In The Majors 5 Days Before His MLB Debut

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Decades from now, someone’s brain will melt upon visiting Juan Soto’s Baseball Reference page.

A day after making his major league debut on May 20, the 19-year-old hit his first home run.

But not exactly, according to the record books.

Because he’s a time-traveling home run hitter.

Back on May 15, Soto was with the Nationals‘ Double-A squad. The big club, meanwhile, had a matchup with the Yankees suspended.

The sides finished the game on Monday, with Soto now in the fold. He cranked a mammoth two-run home run in the sixth that’d hold up as the game-winner.

According to baseball statisticians, the dinger took place five days before Soto ever played in the majors.

He’s not the first player to render baseball’s record books useless with a time-bending hit.

But he is the first to do so with a home run.

I’m pretty sure that was English.

The scorekeeping irregularity is not as bizarre, however, as a 19-year-old absolutely raking against major league pitchers in his first month in the show.