Isaiah Thomas Is Already Getting Into Shouting Arguments With Lakers Teammates

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Isaiah Thomas has already talked his way off one team this season, complaining to the media about the Cleveland Cavaliers — while playing miserably — until they felt the need to get him the hell out of their locker room via trade.

For a minute there on Wednesday night, it appeared he’d already gotten under the skin of his new Los Angeles Lakers teammates.

During a timeout in a heated matchup with the undermanned Golden State Warriors, Thomas and Los Angeles big man Julius Randle got into a shouting argument on the sideline and had to be separated by the behemoth shoulders of Brook Lopez.

But each player downplayed the incident after the game, a 117-106 defeat.

“That’s between us,” Randle told reporters when asked about the tiff.

He added: “We expect a lot out of each other and it was just communicating, man. We want to win, we expect to win these games and we expect each other to play at a certain level, so it was just us being teammates. There’s nobody I’d rather go to war with than IT. So it’s nothing personal, we’re just trying to get the best out of each other and win the game.”

Thomas also painted the yelling match as productive.

“Just two basketball players competing,” the point guard said. “That’s all it was. Happy to be yelling. … We want the best for each other, we just want to win. We’re two leaders on the team that we’re competing on and it was a misunderstanding at one point and we talked about it and we’re good. As teammates should.”