With 2 NBA Finals MVPs To His Name, Is It Time For Kevin Durant To Find His Own Team?

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

For the second year in a row, Kevin Durant claimed NBA Finals MVP honors.

But whether he likes it or not (he does not), he’ll get limited credit for his part in the 2018 NBA Finals sweep of the Cavaliers from fans unable to get over the fact than an MVP latched onto a 73-win team. One that’d come back from a 3-1 deficit against him in the 2016 Western Conference finals.

Even NBA players begrudge his making the NBA Finals uninteresting for a second straight year.

Should Durant, a free agent, sign elsewhere this offseason?

Of course not. KD’s earned the right to do whatever the hell makes him happy. And he’s apparently willing to deal with the figurative asterisks just about any non-Warriors fans will attach to his titles.

But if that ever gets to him as the rings pile up — something we can’t rule out, given his past behavior — he’s young enough, at 29, to have the option of bringing a late-career title to a more success-starved franchise, a la LeBron James in 2016.

Just don’t count on that happening this offseason.