Kevin Durant to Dion Waiters: ‘F**k You, Pass Me the Ball’


(Photo: Getty)

It should go without saying the Oklahoma City Thunder should give Kevin Durant the ball.

Unfortunately for OKC fans, that's a fact that Durant's teammates (hello, Russell Westbrook) need to be reminded of every so often.

During their Game 2 loss to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Durant informed reserve guard Dion Waiters of the season-long strategy in emphatic fashion.

After a fast break bucket in which Waiters found Durant for a turnaround jumper, the 2014 MVP had some choice words for his teammate. Because while the play led to a basket, Waiters turned down an earlier pass that would have led to an easy dunk before converting the pass into a high-degree-of-difficulty J instead.

It's hard to tell if Durant joking or not because he comes in smiling, and I'm no professional lip reader, but it doesn't take Hawkeye to know what Durant said: "Hey man, f**k you. Hey, f**k you. Pass me the …" before KD turned around.

Durant led all scorers in the losing effort with 29 points on efficient 11-of-18 shooting, but he turned the ball over eight times.