Ref Has The Funniest Explanation Of Kevin Durant’s Ejection

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Apparently no NBA superstar is safe from a quick hook now.

Just days after his NBA Finals nemesis was ejected for a seemingly innocuous complaint to an official, Kevin Durant also got tossed for a clearing a confusingly low bar of offense, telling an official to “Call that sh*t.”

To be fair  to a probably frustrated official, there’s no foul to speak of on that play.

But apparently the KD ejection was the culmination of disagreements between the superstar and official Eric Lewis, starting with a foul that, according to Duran, should have sent him to the line. The official said the foul was on the ground.

“Oh yeah, it should have been two shots, but he didn’t give me an explanation on that,” Durant said of a preceding play. “I guess because I kept asking him about it, he tossed me. … I guess I tried to show him up, and he didn’t like it, so he threw me out.”

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr agreed with his star forward.

“He got fouled on a shot, and for some reason, they didn’t give him two free throws, which was kind of bizarre,” Kerr said. “It was one of the most bizarre non-calls I’ve ever seen. It looked so obvious, and he should have been at the line. I’m sure he was upset. I was upset about that, too.”

Kerr did manage to get a pretty funny defense of the call out of Lewis’ fellow official, Scott Foster.

“He said the bad word,” Kerr said of Durant. “The magic word. I told Foster, ‘I call you that all the time and you never kick me out.’ He said, ‘But I am one.'”

Despite the KD ejection, the Warriors beat the Orlando Magic soundly, 133-112.